Statement of Philosophy

Our philosophy of education is to create a safe, nurturing, educational and motivational environment for all children, which gives them the opportunity to develop the necessary skills that will enable them to think independently.The program is designed to encourage children to control their world through language and the opportunity to make choices.

The program provides panorama of experiences from which the child can choose in order to give the young child power and sense of control. These protected experiences that allow the child to choose and have control to eliminate most behavior problems. Violence is always discouraged and newer modeled by our staff.

Our goal is to help the child to solve problem through language and cooperation with others.

We consistently work to offer experiences and interactions that provides children, families and staff with a touch of the world as we wish it to be; a world free of violence, racism, and sexism, which is filled with people who are aware of the responsibilities they should assume for their behavior and its impact on others and the world.